About us

Partners in yarn.

If you somehow landed on this page, it means we share the same kind of love and affection towards hand knitted garments. 

Many of us may have photos from our own childhood wearing knitted jumpers and socks. This was long before fast fashion dominated the times we are living in.

Many moons have passed but our love for knitted garments has stayed. We feel extremely happy to be able to share our affection for jumpers and some other cooool woolie stuff with you. 

All our jumpers are hand knitted by mamas from our village back in Turkey. A little town called Daday in the Kastamonu region. The bond we have with them, and the respect we have towards their craft is what created the foundation of our small initiative.

If you choose to purchase a jumper from us, please get to know it and cherish it as it has taken at least 3 days to make.

Kazak literally means jumper in Turkish and our amazing logo was created by our dear friend Sarp Sözdinler. We asked him for a gender neutral illustration and that's because our jumpers are gender neutral too.  

Thanks for stopping by.

Please say hi to us and share your thoughts at info@kazakwoolies.com


Sibel and Efe